Friday, 26 February 2010

I have recently had two training courses about being a reflective writer and a reflective researcher. I was even given a nice book to write a reflective diary! Well, I will use the diary, perhaps put daily notes in it, but I have a blog, so this is the perfect place to reflect on the week's research. This week I have finalised the plans for fieldwork in Edinburgh, which I feel really happy about. I have concerns that they are informing the settings in advance and getting the permission forms out for me, that the resulting observations will be biased. The children will be told to behave well, and then they won't, and school staff will use the service with unusual gusto, and vehicle staff will "Tow the Party Line". Still, being aware of the possibility and taking that into account when I do the observations is all part of grounded theory.

I have been gathering bits of paper, printouts and photocopies of the information I need to write the "Function of a Mobile Library" section of my literature review. It has horrified me that paper shuffling takes so long, but I have discovered that I am a very kinaesthetic learner and handling all these solid things helps my thinking. I just hope that it won't take too long. I am enjoying the creation of a "Scrapbook", however. I have also done a half day course on treating my Ph.D. as a project to manage, which was mildly interesting, and spent a morning turning my categorised piles of data into labelled lists. I did that on a computer although the urge to really cut and paste was strong.

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