Thursday, 16 December 2010

Video: Mobile Libraries of the World · Global Voices

Video: Mobile Libraries of the World · Global Voices

This is an interesting blog page by a lady who has collected videos of the more unusual forms of transport used as mobile libraries around the world. What do you think we should use in Britain when it snows? Bring back the shire horse? or should we get some reindeer, I believe there are some in Scotland. then the arrival of a mobile library really would be like Christmas coming all year round!!

I have acutally made some conclusions from the research, but at the moment I am not blogging them, just in case I may end up plagiarlising myself, however, I can say that I think that the excitment of a mobile library arriving at a venue, then leaving again make them as attractive to customers as travelling shows. They are like Christmas arriving, and this helps the learning process . But, mor of that when I have written up the thesis.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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