Thursday, 14 November 2013

A really enjoyable lecture

Perhaps it is rather narcissistical of me to title this blog as a really enjoyable lecture, because the lecture that I writing about is the one that I have just given to final year graduates at Loughborough University. This has been the third time that I have given the lecture, about what public library staff do to enhance literacy, it seems to have become my annual contribution to the academic life in Loughborough. So what made it so enjoyable this time? I think it was the group of students who were so interested and responsive. It also gave me a chance to remember all the things I found out and learnt by doing the PhD. I have also looked up some new bits of research, just to make sure that I am giving out up to date information. I found the following two articles:

Understanding oral reading fluency among adults with low literacy: Dominance analysis of contributing component skills
Daryl F. Mellard, Jason L. Anthony, and Kari L. Woods

Inside the Letterbox: How Literacy Transforms the Human Brain
Stanislas Dehaene, Ph.D.

The Mellard, Antony and Woods article gives a nice summary of the skills needed to become a fluent reader and the Dehaene article is a very good account of what the brain does when you learn to read.

So any of the nice students have traced this blog, here is the link that I told you about and another one as well. and thank-you, I had a lovely afternoon. 

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