Friday, 16 January 2015

Getting involved in something new

On Tuesday I went to Waterstones in Derby, actually a place that I usually try to avoid because it is the seat of my addictions: Books, Ordnance Maps, that sort of thing. I find it very hard to leave any bookshop without buying something. However, this time I was there for a different reason, Derby is getting around to having a book festival and it was the launch of the advertising for the festival and general announcement that it is going to happen. Here is a link to the website:

Which is a bit sparse at the moment, but I am sure it will fill up with information as things are finalised. There are pictures of the event on twitter (@DerbyBookFest) and there is a Facebook page. I have managed to get myself involved with it's organisation because I think that Derby needs a good cultural event, and anything that may promote books and reading is fine by me.

There will be many events over Derby between 1st and 7 of June, some of them directly organised by the festival team and others by local cultural organisations and businesses. The idea appears to have snowballed to a great extent with local theatres scheduling book themed performances. The headline act is Michael Morpurgo who will be closing the festival with his band, and several well known teen authors, for example Bali Rai, are going to go around schools in Derby. There are projects and competitions as well as author talks, and hopefully something for everyone. And it didn't leave without buying a book, I got "All Men are Liars" by Alberto Manguel, it was rude not to...

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