Friday, 11 November 2016

Starting a new adventure

I have been incredibly busy over the past year, after having spent leisurely four years doing a PhD and taking a whole year to write up my Thesis.  over the past year I have written three reports and four online handbooks, and have had another paper published (Grounded theory and ethnography combined: a methodology to study children’s interactions on children’s mobile libraries). It is more interesting than it sounds.

After being at the Centre for Research Communications in Nottingham University, I worked at LISU for a year (Loughborough University - yes, can't keep away from there). I have been involved with a project that sends messages over people's televisions (SMaRT Messenger), I have examined "Patient Pathways" with the help of a computer simulation modeller and done a fundamental review of a regional library service. More of those at some other time. Apart from the regional library service they seemed largely irrelevant to this blog, they were about information and older vulnerable people. Not my usual subject, but interesting to dip into.

Now, I have a new job - Research Fellow at Evidence Base, in Birmingham City University (BCU). I don't have a picture of the the University yet, but here is a map. I like maps.

Hopefully, now I can use my expertise with children and libraries to track down relevant research.

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