Thursday, 30 September 2010

So busy writing too busy to write

At the end of each year of PhD study a report has to be submitted to check that you are really doing some work. "Report" is somewhat of a misnomer, because it takes about six months to write and is mainly made up of stuff you will have in your final thesis, something I found out after the disater of my first year report. Well, I think I have cracked it with the second year report, I have written the methodology, it took me ages to work out what I was doing, I knew what the actions and consequences were, but I had to sort it all into a set system and justify the chioce of the actions, with philosphical reasoning. It is hard.

So, this morning I have just practised the presentation for the second year viva with my supervisiors and it went well, just a few tweaks and a bit more practise to get it slick. I may post it on here one day, but I think I should let the examiner see it for the first time at the presentation. I am also writing the literature review, and all of you who's vehicle I have visited will get a mention somewhere. I can only write about the ones where there is some published material, or the people who have given me written reports, so if you are a Children's Mobile Library service, and you have nothing posted on a website, get you IT crowd at it and put one out there for me! All in all, I have spent so much time writing up what I have done and seen that I have not had enough time to do Proper work, but hey, that's life and business isn't it!

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