Friday, 8 October 2010

List of things to do

I operate by coping with life through a series of lists. I suppose that is why I took to librarianism like a duck to water. I have never reached the heady heights of having a lists of lists, that would be too much like cataloguing. I did decide to "go out" with the person I am now married to by doing lists of advantages and disadvantages, however, so the list idea is well ingrained in me. So, why the latest list? and what is all this waffle about? Two days ago I had the terrifying experience of defending my research for my second year viva, in order to pass to the third year and complete the PhD. This past year has been focused on collecting and analysing the data. Now I have to make sense of it all. The second year viva concentrated on the ways I collected and analysed the data and what I named the methodology.

Now I have to work out my arguments for calling the methodology "Grounded theory ethnography" in a much better way, more supported and succinctly, and I have to work out how to present my thesis in a non formal way, but with the literature search being obvious. This is what I have decided to do;
  • email some people who are writing grounded theory theses to see how they lay it out
  • look at theses in the library that use grounded theory
  • find recommendations for grounded theory thesis layout in books about grounded theory
  • decide on a generic form of headings and where to put what information
  • take the layouts and show them to my supervisors
There, list done.

And I must remember to say in my final viva that I collected and analysed data all in one go.

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